Support to PLM (Product Life Cycle Management)

Cross-functional approach to PLM.


Selcom Group applies a cross-functional team approach:

  • R&D Engineering:  The product lifecycle requires extreme efficiency; R&D support services are focused on minimizing cycle time without loss of quality through all the product implementation stages.
  • Purchasing:  The Selcom Group PLM process streamlines supply base management by allowing an OEM to address all project requirements through a single source.
  • Senior management: Cost reduction also involves minimization of internal resources by optimizing the team's skills throughout the product's lifecycle.

Selcom supports every stage of a product's lifecycle:

  • Product conception
  • Pilot test stages to validate the product
  • Stages of growth and maturity
  • Decline stage
  • Product upgrades or proposed generational substitutes
  • Repairs over time

product life circle