Enhanced manufacturing services: ODM and "green"

The pressure brand-name electronics companies are facing has never been more intense.

With ever-shorter product life cycles, speed and time are critical. Resources are scarce. The market is unforgiving. Our customers have to get it right the first time, and get there fast. Forced by this trend, Selcom Group started to offer a broader range of services including the product design (Original Design Manufacturing).

With this innovative service, Selcom Group is able to offer end-to-end services, which include product design and engineering, volume manufacturing, final assembly and testing, direct order fulfillment, after sales product service and support, and global supply chain management.

We also offer “green”, i.e. environmental-compliant services, to help customers comply with new environmental legislation including the EU’s RoHS and REACH.
Selcom helps its customers address these compliance issues so that its products can meet regulatory requirements.