Process & Automation Design

Selcom Group is a market leader in electronic components, automation and process innovation.

Types of production vary greatly according to their sectors and one of the company's strengths is in its production flexibility.
Despite the use of DFM+DFT technologies (Design for Manufacturability and Testability), some product designs can break some manufacturability rules, causing unacceptable quality deviations of the processes.
Selcom Group's Process Design & Automation (PD&A) is able to find the best manufacturing and production flow strategies by identifying the most suitable manufacturing plan for each product.
For high-volume outputs, the PD&A department is able to set up dedicated production lines at high automation levels that balance and optimize the installation of SMT and PTH components and other exotic components.
PD&A is certainly a department of excellence that allows all the companies of the Selcom Group to achieve outstanding results as regards quality and competitiveness.