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Selcom Group develops and efficiently produces highly customised electronic products.

Selcom is a global, highly-developed EMS company that designs, tests and manufactures electronic and mechanical products.

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Selcom Group has 2 production facilities in Italy and China. 

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Markets & Solutions

Home and professional appliances
Elettrodomestici per casa professionali
Our capabilities make us the ideal partner for home & professional appliances.
Coffee & Vending Machines
Macchine da caffe distributori automatici
Selcom Group is a leader in electronic and mechanical components for Coffee & Vending Mach...
Automotive & Electric Mobility
Automotive mobilita elettrica
For the Automotive sector, Selcom Group makes electronic ignitions, air conditioning panel...
Factory automation & Packaging
Automazione industriale Packaging
For over 30 years the Selcom Group has been an international leader in industrial automati...
Industrial & Building automation
Automazione industriale e Domotica
The Industrial & Building Automation cuts across all Selcom Group sectors and includes con...
Power & Energy management
Gestione potenza energia
Selcom Group operates in the field of energy
 management and BMS (Battery Management Syste...
Medical & Wellness
Medical Wellness
Since 1995, Selcom Group designs and manufactures components for B2B in the Medical & Well...
Communication & Networking
Comunicazione Networking
Selcom Group works in telecommunications and in the assembly of electronic boards.