Selcom Group focuses its work on the quality of the services its customers need.

It has the highest level of expertise and provides increasingly innovative technologies, with the aim of always offering product/service value much higher than the asking price, continuously improving the customer's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

As a leader in EMS, Selcom Group manufactures and tests complete systems, manages the entire supply chain for its customers, and provides end-to-end services, which include:

  • product design and engineering 
  • volume manufacturing
  • final assembly
  • testing
  • direct order fulfillment
  • after sales product service and support
  • global supply chain management

Selcom offers “green”, i.e. environmental-compliant services, to help customers comply with new environmental legislation including the EU’s RoHS and REACH. This legislation along with compliance requirements impact the entire supply chain, triggering operational, business and product-reliability challenges. Selcom helps its customers address these compliance issues so that its products can meet regulatory requirements.

The staff's high level of professional skill and experience, the number of applications and the quality of the equipment and instruments used by Selcom Group allow it to offer optimized solutions in design, industrialization and production in different electronic sectors using latest technologies. All this is done both comprehensively and by completing the project's technical development made by the customers.

Selcom is positioned on the market worldwide, covering different sectors (Aerospace & Defence, Consumer & Mobile, Communications, Computer, Medical, Automotive, Control & Industrial, etc.), putting together a rich knowledge of cross-functional skills: internally with the various human resources involved in the production process and externally in customer relationships.

The Group stands head and shoulders above others, by continually redefining its focus on markets and customers, constantly shifting its value chain and standing out for vertical integration and the ability to create synergies globally. 

Selcom Group invests in cutting-edge production technologies, following each and every customer demand efficiently, quickly and cost-competitively, availing itself of a skilled and experienced technical-commercial Team.