Power & Energy management

Selcom Group operates in the field of energy management, which involves equipment for managing energy, in the power management area and in the modern BMS (Battery Management System) sector.

These skills are fundamental and cut across all industrial systems and workplaces, from offices to operating rooms.

We are proud to have manufactured more than 400 million electronic boards in the Battery Management System sector for the most successful brands of consumer devices.

The excellent results Selcom achieved in this area were made possible thanks to our specific and advanced skills in:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Quality Management
  • Logistic Management 
  • High-rate ad customized production lines internally developed
  • Six Sigma process improvement

Selcom Group also operates in energy measurement; it has the ability to measure and manage energy (at industrial and household level) and create modules that can communicate through the voltage outlets inside rooms, switching from power management to the measurement and management of energy.